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2008 Worlds Gijon- Sunday: Still Here & Quotes

It’s Sunday evening and Morgane and I are still in Gijon. We spent the day riding our bikes in the mountains and exploring the city some more followed by a dinner on the beach-front.

During the ride, we stopped by the banked track and road circuit. Both venues were deserted, with skaters, signs & posters, fans, vendors, stands, barriers, and officials all absent.

I collected some dirt from both venues for my collection. I have a jar back home that contains dirt from many different tracks from around the world.

We’re taking the bus to Madrid tomorrow morning and coming back to Canada on Tuesday evening. If there are few updates on SSW between now and the time I’m settled in at home, you now know why.

Now if you watched some of the racing at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships here in Gijon, Spain, during the past couple of weeks, some of the following quotes may sounds familiar;

Ready at the center tribute

Skaters, get down the podium

Equator eliminated

Attention; Bart Swings to the order of the judges

…gives the medal, Mister Roberto Marotta

Attention; we warn the skaters that the track is still wet for the next room

Those award of skaters must sit in the first 6 lines of the theatre

It is a very wish for me

We demand it is not allowed to smoke

…in the zone West

So long, the skater is in first position

Best time so long

There is a skater on the floor

Please remove dorsal numbers

Make sure numbers are pinned corally

Please go out the road

Make sure numbers are in helmets

Skaters must be ready, perfectly dressed, with the skaters

The relay is finished after the finishing line

Fake starting

She cut with her hand the beam of the chrono

3 points for Popular China

Skaters, we have the watch property of a lady skater

Sunday evening in Gijon- catching the last rays of sun on the beach on Sunday evening

Surf’s up- I was taking on those waves on Saturday

Skaters who raced in the marathon should be familiar with this view

The track post worlds- no more stands

The road course post worlds- the only remaining hint that worlds was here is the blue banner on the left 

Morgane and I during today’s ride- we rode for a few hours to earn this picture

The prize for our ride; beautiful views


The awards ceremony was held in the building with the tall tower on the left- this year’s party was one of the best organized worlds parties, with ceremony at 9pm, buses taking skaters to a cideria where we were wined and dined for 2 hours, and at midnight, off to the nightclub on the boardwalk!

Andrew Love: Brain & Body, 4 To Go, Long Track Helmets, & Liam Ortega

Andrew Love’s Zen And The Art Of Speed Skating has a few recent posts that are definitely worthy of the time you will spend reading them;

Brain: Go faster! Everyone here is waaay faster than you!

Body: let go of that ego, and I will. Caring so much is good sometimes, but not good right now. Drop it & focus on technique. It’s friggin September, not December!

Below the sign, Liam’s teammates Matt Plummer & Mike Stein pass by in a high speed blur‘-photo and caption from Zen And The Art Of Speed Skating

Montreal 24 Hours Inline- Results, Reports, Pictures

You can find all the results from the Montreal 24 Hours.

Road Rash Chronicles has a couple of reports- see OMG – How could I have forgotten!!!! A funny but serious 24h story and My first 24 hour event.

Sleeping: Ya, what sleep. Who was I kidding. During my 5 hours of scheduled rest and even with ear plugs all I could hear all night was “Jeeaaannnn Coouuuttuuu” and “Desssjaaarrddinnn”. And when it wasn’t them, it was crazy ass people screaming out their bid numbers in french.

You can find pictures here.

Photo from cor1000

Northshore Inline Marathon (Duluth)- Results, Reports

Click here for the results from yesterday’s Northshore Inline Marathon (Duluth).

Overall Elite Men
1- Adam Miller
2- Julian Aparicio
3- David Sarmiento
4- Jono Gorman
5- Luis Meija
6- Luis Moreno
7- James Springer
8- Matthew Stewart
9- Francisco Ramirez
10- Rob Bell

Overall Elite Women
1- Leid Galeano
2- Helen Havam
3- Martine Charbonneau
4- Sonia Galeano
5- Sarah Barker

You can find the Inline Planet‘s live coverage here: Live updates from the racecourse. To get a taste of the event’s atmosphere, make sure you check out the Northshore Blog.

The Colombian men went out hard from the start, in hopes of beating the course record (57:18) and collect the $10,000 bounty. But after a few minutes, it was clear that they wouldn’t get it, and it turned into a game of “hurry up and wait.”

Toronto’s Michael Cole wrote his thoughts about the race & the skating industry; On The North Shore Inline Marathon. Talking about performance enhancing drugs and the inline industry, he says-

There are so many things that need to be done in the Inline world to bring it up to a reasonable standard, but frankly I just don’t see that happening, there is too much momentum to keep things crappy.