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2008 Worlds Gijon- Pictures- Junior Marathon + Video: Track, Road, And Go-Karting

I put a video together that includes some footage of racing on the track and road as well as yesterday’s international go-kartine extravaganza. Check it out- 2008-09 Spain World Roller Speed Skating Championships– or watch below-

The junior women’s and men’s marathons are finished. I watched the junior women’s race while scouting the course. A skater from Korea and Germany finished 1-2 in a sprint. The first two finishers had a good 20-meter lead over the 3rd place finisher and the rest of the pack. I saw three Colombia skaters accidentally trip each other up and fall. I also shot a few pictures for you- see below.

I left early on in the junior men’s race. When I left, Belgian and Swiss skaters were controlling the front. I don’t know who won and how.

The marathon road circuit, which runs along the beach, is swinging from dry to wet back to dry and wet again. Everyone’s trying to figure out, or rather predict, if the road will be wet or dry. This will have a significant impact on wheel selection.

The senior women will race the marathon in 3 hours and we (senior men) race after the senior women. The marathon course is a 3-minute skate from the hotel.

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