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2008 Worlds Gijon- Pictures- Day 3 Road

The 2008 World Roller Speed Skating Championships road and track portions are now complete. The marathon will be contested tomorrow on a 3km course running along the beach that features two turn arounds.

To my friends back home; Jade Pauley fell in a race on the road. He has a few scrapes, but otherwise he is ok.

In fact, a group of us went go-karting yesterday. Jade’s fastest lap was a 42.2 seconds while my fastest lap was a 42.6. We challenged the Brittish to a go-karting race today. They’re meeting us at our hotel at 11:30. If you’re reading this and you’re close to hotel Leon or the go-karting place, meet us at 11:30 at Hotel Leon or at 12:30 at the go-karting place on the 5th level of the mall.

During the World Championships, skaters really gave as much of themselves as possible and put everything on the line- with racing and falls. These athletes demonstrated an incredible ammount of committment and skill- photo from Boaz Arad

Check out some of my day 3 pictures from day 3 racing action- senior 500-meter sprints and junior & senior relays. I also took a few ‘boot’ pictures for my friend Eric ‘Hip Hop’ Gee.

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  • Pictures- Skating Around The World
  • Pictures- Boaz Arad
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