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2008 Worlds Gijon- Pictures- Junior 500’s, Senior 1000’s, & Relays

Below are a few pictures from yesterday’s racing and today’s training at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships-

Chaos in the senior women’s relay final

Finish of the men’s 1000-meter final

Senior men’s 1000-meter final

Senior women 1000-meters

There were quite a few falls in the junior women and senior women’s relay and one team went down in the junior men’s relay. There were no crashes in the senior men’s relay. I’ve got quite a few falls on video and lots of great racing action- I’ll probably piece it all together at some point.

I raced the 1000-meter race and set a personal best time at 1:32. Travis Shaw skated his heat, they blasted with a 19-second first 200-meters. He finished in 1:37. We ended up 40th and 51st of 64 skaters in the senior men’s 1000.

Both of Canada’s men’s and women’s relay team were lapped out.

Today is the day off of racing. There was an open practice on the road, and most of the national teams, including the Canadians, opted for a morning practice.The organizers left the teams and skaters without buses from the hotel to the road- many taxis were needed to transport all the national selections from the hotels to the track.

The road course is blazing fast and smooth. It is slightly banked, with one of the straights with a slight decline for an extra umph! 

The links below offer many beautiful pictures, video archive of races, reports, results, opinions, and insider’s perspectives.

Like I said before, use the following links for lots of news; scan the list carefully because I added a few more links-

  • CIC Worlds
  • Gijon 2008 [English site]
  • Competition schedule
  • Mundo Patin World Championships page
  • Mundo Patin World Championships page #2
  • Bont CIC PatinCarrera- live results
  • Bont CIC PatinCarrera World Championships page
  • Mundo Patin’s pictures
  • Cado Motus– insider’s perspective by Australia’s Mick Byrne
  • World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain– Bont Forum
  • Equipe de France Roller 2008- blog
  • Bont CIC PatinCarrera- live video
  • Training & News
  • Hotel Leon– Team Canada’s home during the World Championships
  • Roller En Ligne World Championships page
  • A Younger Perspective– USA’s Keith Carroll
  • Skating With Wouter Hebbrecht– Belgium’s World Champion
  • Powerslide Racing News
  • 2008 Worlds on USARS
  • Live video streaming- roller tv
  • World Championships on TV- Gijon 2008 TV
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