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2008 Worlds Gijon- Day 2 Pics, World Records, Falls And More Falls

You can view some pictures of today’s action below-

There has been many falls- many skaters are sporting bandages, slings, and can be seen limping around the track.

Women’s 15km Elimination Race: Filled with nasty falls, Canadians Morgane Echardour and Sarah Hopkins went flying into the boards and into other skaters in a 7 or 8 skater pile-up. They’re bruised, scraped, rashed, and sore as heck, but they’re in good spirits and will ace tomorrow. The race was stopped after the crash  and re-started later, and again, there was another bad crash in the boards. I saw Swizterland’s Nadine Gloor go down hard and another skater slam into her. So Yeong Shin and An Yi Seul set the world record in the distance, with Nicole Begg finishing 2nd.

Men’s 15km Elimination Race: This race was filled with action, some that I was glad (and not glad) that I missed. I was eliminated early, and then the next lap, 7 guys piled into each other and fell into the boards. There was plenty of pushing and shoving, gesturing more pushing, skaters squeezing into tiny spots at extreme speeds. USA’s Dane Lewis led a lot of the race, but was eliminated outside of the final 10 skaters. France’s Alexis Contin was led out by teammate and last night’s gold medal winner Yann Guyader, and took care of business in the last 2 laps, passing the Korean skater on the inside in the last corner and won. The Korean skater was dq’d, giving a silver and bronze to Italy. Contin set the world record in this race.

500-Meter Sprints (senior): Colombian victory in the senior women’s race for Jercy Puello, with USA’s Sara Sayasane making a late charge that came a bit short. Brittany Bowe came 3rd.

Men’s race- Colombia’s Andres Munoz took the win, with Nicolas Pelloquin coming in 2nd, and New Zealand’s Kalon Dobbin collecting his 2nd medals of these championships.

1000-meter Races (junior): A three skater show on the last lap, with Colombia’s Sebastian Arce and Pedro Causil earning a 1-2 finish for Colombia with Bart Swings taking the bronze.

Korea had a 1-2 finish in the junior women’s race with So Yeong Shin and An Yi Seul taking top honours.

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