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2008 Worlds Gijon- Boom And Bust On Day 1 At The Track in Gijon

Il Peloton’s Ursula Hendel wrote the following from day 1 at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships

The Junior Women’s 15000m elimination was a spectacle. Early on in the race there was a spectacular crash and more than a half a dozen skaters went down. Those that followed had to navigate around the obstacles of fallen skaters and at least one didn’t make it. It was part bowling, part gymnastics (I think I saw a cartwheel) and part skating. About half the fallen were able to get up and form a small pack. South Korea’s Jung Eun An was incredibly strong and was able to pull the pack of 6 or so up to main pack and to integrate back into the race. Spent, she finished 5th but her herculean effort made her the most impressive skater in the group. Late in the race a Spanish skater also fell and her teammate jumped to the front of the peloton in a vain attempt to slow it down and allow her to catch up. A four-way race to the finish line saw Germany’s Mareike Thum eek it out over USA’s Briana Krame and Italy’s Fracesca Lollobrigiada barely beat out Colombia’s Rommy Munoz for the bronze medal.

The Junior Men’s race was equally interesting, with a strong pack consistently pulling 18-second laps. Once again, South Korea looked impressive as Woon Sang Cho and #41 (Peter – I didn’t get his name but wayne has it in his book) took control up at the front. It was clear that Woon Sang was pulling for his teammate, who, sitting fresh in second position, was waiting for his moment to make a big break. Unfortunately for him, Italy’s Ricardo Buggari also made a break and he was disqualified from the competition for blocking. Belgium’s Bart Swings beat out Ricardo and Colombia’s Daniel Zapata for in a sprint finish.

Belgium’s Bart Swings moving in for the win in the junior men’s 15k

The Seniors did their 10,000 points and elimination final today. Nicole Begg led early in the Women’s race, challenged by the 2 South Koreans and the 2 Colombian women. The women showed great control and this was the only race of the 4 with no crashes. The Koreans attacked hard in the bell laps but Nicole was able to answer. Although she crossed the finish line 5th in the sprint, she had accumulated enough points to claim the silver medal, with South Korea taking gold and bronze.

New Zealand’s Nicole Begg pushing the pace early on in the senior women’s 10k

In the Senior men, there were several individual crashes early on but the main pack managed to stay intact until South Korean skater Nam Yoo Jong took off with 19 laps to go, leaving only a handful of skaters able to answer. A bad crash that left a skater on the track for several laps allowed Spanish skater Patxi Peula to sneak away and gain a ¼ lap advantage for several laps before running completely out of gas and being overtaken by the remaining skaters. The objective had been reached however, and Patxi won enough points to steal the silver medal to the delight of the crowd. France’s Yann Guyader took gold and Colombia’s Nelson Garzon had to settle for silver.

The 300mm finals also saw its share of heartbreak, after young Australian Daniel Greg, who was geared up to finish under 25 seconds, lost control and fell hard. The American Senior women were on fire, with Sara Sayasane breaking the world record only to have it, and the gold medal, stolen from her by her own teammate, Brittany Bowe, finishing in 26.611 seconds. The remarkable times generated a lot of discussion by skaters in the crowd about the womens’ use of 110mm wheels. There were some upsets with the senior men, including “disappointing” times of over 25 seconds by both superstars Joey Mantia (USA) and Gregory Duggento (Italy), but Kalin Dobbin’s win for New Zealand was accepted richly by the crowd after he injured his groin in the final last year. But the highlight of the night, and the event so far, was the Colombian Junior skater, Pedro Causil, who not only won the event, and broke the Junior world record, but broke the overall world record for the 300mm, with a blistering time of 24.531 seconds.

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