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2008 Gijon Spain- 300-meter sprints: Let The Records Fall, Distance Races: Falls & Carnage!

Distance Races: Germany’s Mareike Thum, Belgium’s Bart Swings, Korea’s Hye Sook Woo, and France’s Yann Guyader won gold medals in races. The long races were marked by multiple falls and carnage, with some selections having both their skaters taken out by falls in the same race. The first aid staff was very busy treating skaters in the middle of the track.

300-meter Sprints: Colombia’s junior skater Pedro Causil stole the show in the evening program and set the 300-meter world record with a 24.53! Australia’s Daniel Craig opened with a 9.5 second for the first 100-meter, a second 100 at 7.9, but then fell in the middle of the final corner.

In the senior women’s final, USA’s sprinting duo of Sara Sayasane and Brittany Bowe respectively set and reset the world record for a red, white, and blue 1-2 finish. After the race during the men’s warm-up, Bruce Springstein’s ‘Born In The USA’ was blaring in the stadium.

Senior men; the crowd went completely silent when USA’s Joey Mantia, Italy’s Gregory Duggento, New Zealands Kalon Dobbin, took to the start line. Korea’s Kyung Tae Kang had to tighten his skate right before the start while the officials watch him- ohhh the suspense!! In the end, Kalon Dobbin skated away with the gold medal and Kang with the silver.

Here are a few pictures of the day-

2008 Gijon Worlds- My Fall In The First Corner Of My First Race

The 300-meter heats took place earlier today. I heard that USA’s Brittany Bowe set a world record in the senior women’s race. In the senior men’s 300, to finish top-20, skaters had to skate under 26-seconds.

My Fall In The First Corner Of My First Race: We skated the senior men’s 10km points heats. Top-20 of each heat qualified to the final. I crashed out in the first corner when a cone was kicked onto the track and got caught in my skate. It felt like a spectacular crash with 100’s of skaters falling and flying over the boards, but in fact only one other skater fell. The best part was getting a knee to the face as I was spun around kind of upside down. It’s a bummer to watch the finals from the stands.

Canadians: Jade Pauley made it out of his heat in the junior men’s long race. He was on the bubble, but just managed to squeak in with 20th.

I’m going back to the track now to watch the finals- I had just enough time when the afternoon program wrapped up to come back to the hotel, drop off my suitcase that Yamo and Ewen (French friends) brought from Nantes, send a couple of e-mails, and eat.

The senior 10km points, junior 15km points/ elimination, and 300-meter finals are all taking place tonight.

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  • 2008 Worlds Gijon- Racing Begins

    Racing at the 2008 World Roller Speed Skating Championships is under way today.

    I expect to have much less free time for a few days. With 3 days of racing on the track, a rest day, 3 days of racing on the road, a rest day, a marathon, and then a party to to wrap things up, you’re likely to notice decreased activity on SSW.

    The following links are likely to provide you with in depth perspectives & analysis, quick results, pictures, videos, background & relevant information, and more. If or when I publish material on SSW, I’ll ‘bump’ or paste these links to the top of my site-

    World Championship Host Countries- 1988 To 2007

    Roller En Ligne published a list of the countries that hosted the World Roller Speed Skating Championships since 1988.

    Video- Besancon French Inline Cup

    Roller En Ligne put up a video of this past weekend’s Besancon French Inline Cup- Marathon Fic de Besançon Dimanche 31 Août 2008