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2008 Worlds Gijon- Opening Ceremony Pics

The opening ceremonies took place earlier this evening- I may put a video together later if I have time to spare. Here are a few pictures-

2008 Worlds Gijon- Skating The Line & Opening Ceremonies

Bill Begg reported on the CIC meeting held here in Gijon earlier today- read what he has to say in the thread World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain

Well the opening ceromoney has been & gone, short political speachers & teams doing a lap of honour set the tone for a great opening, but alas the show did not live up to expectations, but the 300 T/T tomorrow will make up for that for sure.

As with these new style flat bankings & the measured line 12 inches or 30 centermeters from the inside of the track & people shortcutting the corners, we do not want cheating or false World records.

Admidst much banter & confusion Roberto responded that they must keep off the white painted line & do the T/T distance,or they will be disqualified.

It will be very interesting to see what markers are used & sure to be scattered from here to Kingdom Come & just who will be disquallified.

Next July the very important World Games will be held in Taiwan in July, Qualifications from senior skaters aggreegate of their best 3 events will determine the Qualification. But Individual World champions are first priority of the 27, plus there are a minimum of 3 places that must be kept for Taiwan , even if they do not Qualify, but this should not be a problem for the hosts, to be in the top 30 men & 30 women who Qualify for the 2009 World games, these are held every 4 years for the non Olympic sports.

Henry Visscher- 24 Hours Solo Blog

Check out Henry Visscher’s blog- 24 hrs solo skeeleren voor WR en India.

He’s the guy who set the 24-hour solo mark, skating a whopping 541km’s in 24 hours!!

Photo from 24 hrs solo skeeleren voor WR en India

Reports + Pictures- US 10k Classic

Go to the thread US 10k Classic Results to find pictures and a report written by women’s winner Jessica Wright-

As mentioned above – the course was incredible! It was so exciting – especially launching downhill towards the finish line. This is not your average 10k – it was so much fun that it seemed like it was over too quickly. I hope more people make a showing next year – I will definitely be there.

Photo from Jessica

2008 Worlds Gijon- Team France- Thomas Boucher & Julien Despaux Profiles

Equipe de France Roller 2008 published two more skater profiles;

2008 Worlds Gijon- A Younger Perspective- Training The Mind & What He Wants

Keith Carroll published two entries including What I Want and Training The Mind

It’s so easy to just be strong and then decide ‘I’m going to go race like hell.’ Well that is a great approach but there is so much more you need to do. You literally have to visualize every aspect of the race so you are mentally prepared. You have to visualize the race when everything goes perfect, and even when something goes wrong so that you are always prepared. You should be able to see yourself with the results you want before you even tie your skates.

2008 Worlds Gijon- Long Chicken And Yesterday’s Pictures + More

For dinner last night, I ate a ‘long chicken’. Wayne Burrett ate a long chicken for lunch and he hated it. He said it tasted like plastic. Someone overheard him call it ‘this long chicken shi* tastes like plastic‘.

Our hotel rooms are infested with mosquitoes. Alex Perrie and Morgane Echardour seem to be their favourite targets/ meals.

Alex Perrie is rooming with Wayne Burrett and Jade Pauley. While Jade and Wayne are sleeping sprawled on their beds- outside of their bed sheets, Alex has to hide and huddle under the sheets while still being eaten alive.

During training and before racing begins, there’s a lot of downtime. I’ve had time to rest, walk around the neighbourhood, bike a bit around Gijon, work on SSW, watch movies, hang out, stretch and throw some ice on my legs and back (cold!!), and of course practice & plan for my races.

There’s no training on the track today. The road course is supposed to be open for practice. It is wet outside this morning.

The opening ceremonies are taking place this evening and then the races begin on tomorrow.

The World Championships provide a great opportunity to race at an extremely high level, catch up with friends, network, experience the newest and latest equipment trends. These World Championships are going to be fast and intense with a phenomenal atmosphere & plenty of buzz for everyone- racers, coaches, managers, officials, supporters, delegates, fans, and the media.

As you know, Mundo Patin has been putting up tons of photos. The latests photos feature various training pictures. You can also go to the thread World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain and see more pictures as well as Bill Begg’s latest comments-

Ready to go, allthe pre championship meettings today & the general assembley of the CIC, where it appears Roberto Marotta will return unappossed.

The all important draw will take place at 4 pm, its a narrow front runners track & a bad back row draw could seetop skaters struggle to see the front.

With the new flat banking tracks specified by the CIC many racers consider the racing not as exciting as parabolic tracks, now we find so called standardized specification tracks,have very little in common & not made to specifications, Korea, Colombia & Spain tracks,have only one characteristic in common, they have the urathane type coated surface.

Indian file racing around the pole line for long races, is not exciting, lets hope I stand to be corrected.

Here are a few of my pictures-

Photo from Mundo Patin

Photo from Mundo Patin

One of the sexiest guys at worlds 😉 photo from fotosAH@mundopatin.com