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2008 Worlds Gijon- Wouter Hebbrecht- 2 Days To Go

Wouter Hebbrecht‘s latest entry from the the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon, Spain is 2 DAYS TO GO

In perfect conditions with no wind team USA did a trail for the 2nd spot on the team (for the TT’s) and Dane Lewis did an awesome job with a very good time well in the 24 seconds. Dane skated on all street fight MPC’s by the way. Also Joey looked solid (no surprise there) and seeing all of this Gregory jumped in and opened up in about a 9.3….this track will put a new world record on the tabels for the 300m, that’s a certainty now! Never have i seen everyone open up full for one 3 days before racing day.

2008 Worlds Gijon- Australia’s Danny Finster Injured

Australia’s Danny Finster was injured this morning, breaking his collarbone in a crash. You can read Mick Byrne’s thoughts and emotional reaction in September 2 in Gijon – Australia, One Down

Positive Spirits
Propped up in bed and with his teammates around
‘- photo and caption from Cado Motus

We have all known each other for years. Like many skating athletes we skate for the love of it, and for personal experience, challenge and satisfaction. We live a life and lifestyle that even professional athletes like football players would be unlikely to have either experienced or understand.

So with that as a background, and having arrived at the World Championship by contesting selection and then each athlete paying their own way in full (purchasing our National Team uniforms), and paying the expenses of team management – it is hard to see a skater downed by injury. We had one today.

2008 Worlds Gijon- Video- Pre-Worlds Showdown

Here’s a bit of footage from my camera from Gijon, Spain- site of the 2008 World Roller Speed Skating Championships. The footage includes the track, a few different countries in training, and some footage from last night’s pre-World Championships showdown- 2008-09-01 Gijon World Roller Speed Skating Champs Training

2008 Worlds Gijon- Training Pics + A Big Pre-Race Showdown

Go to the thread World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain to find recent training pictures from the World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

You will also be treated to some detailed commentary on last night’s pre worlds showdown; There was an open practice last night from 9pm to 10pm. At about 9:40, all the skaters were cleared off the track and a few of the big names took to the track for 300-meter time trials.

The fastest opening 100’s were in the mid-9 second range, with Dane Lewis posting the fastest time with a mid-24. Greg Duggento opened his 300-meter with a 9.3 but shut down and stopped skating 200-meters into the sprint.

Photo from Bont.co.kr

This is part of what Bill Begg wrote about the action on the track last night;

ORGANIZING – Kalon Dobbin, the 9.45 clear the track for 300T/T aspirants, as USA selection trials & other 300T/T blowouts specialists, but every one expected the
organizor to front, but 1st victory to the organizor, who was a spectator.

IN THE STANDS – Every wheel brand representative heaveyweight, Bont, Mpc, Matter & the A Brand (Doug misplaced wheel name at present)

SMILING & TIMMING – A confident Wouter Hebbrecht the Double Euro champ, you need to go faster than that.

OPTIMIST – Bid Paul wrote down 23.95 as the time to beat, I put 24.3 for the mens on the board.

SMART – The Gagey coach who said the track has a top speed & after that, you could damage yourself.

IN BALL PARK – In my opinion 10 men & whoever pulls the clean trouble free run, may take two steps on the Dias instead of one.

DINKY DIVEY – Dane Lewis, no one has spent as much thinking time on the track about the 300 T/T than him & he put in a genuine one at around 24.65 sec.

FUDGING A BIT – Joey Mantia a terrible center of first bend & switch off, to just Dip under 25 sec.

BIGGEST CROWD RECEPTION – Gregory Dugento a 9.27 opening 100,but switched off early for a 17.15 sec 200, boos & jeers as they thought the trimmed down
refined Gregory was going to run the 300 T/T, with blood in his eyes from recent floggings,he is a man on a mission, recently
knocking off his fastest 300T/T on his home track, now thats bad news for title aspirants.

THROUGH A HAT OVER THEM ALL – Christen, Cano, Micheal, Mulder, & Junior Carroll, alla step back from the big boys.

WOMEN POWER – She has set the pace all week & laid down some good times Sara Sayasonne with sub 10.30 sec opening 100 & sub 27 sec performances, is right up their with Puello,Caicedo,Zanetti & Falcone, a bit off but could push top10,Bianca Roosenbloom, was the only other women, to take advantage of the pressure cooker atmosphere & get a year of high pressure experience in 10 minutes.

JUNIOR MEN – Arce Colombia & Graig Australia both have sub 25 sec credentials, so thats a stumbling block for opponents.

ONLY SURETY – THat the ladies & mens World records will both go.

2008 Worlds Gijon- Training Video On Bont TV

Click here- 3 days before the championships Spain 2008– for a training video by Alexander Bont from the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon, Spain.

Video- Holland Inline Cup Compilation

Skate Podium put up a video compilation of the 2008 Holland Inline Cup.

Results- US 10k

Check out the following link for results from the US 10k- US 10K Classic Results

Pro Men
1. Eddy Matzger
2. Matt Stewart
3. Kimani Griffin
4. Jimmy Blair

Pro Women
1. ?
2. Jaqueline Blair
3. ?
4. ?

Full results should eventually pop-up here.

On Thin Ice- Vancouver Olympics & Own The Podium

I found the following thanks to Patinage De Vitesse- Courte Piste

The Winnipeg Free Press published an article called On thin ice- It’ll be no walk in the park for Canada to ‘own the podium’ in Vancouver.

Since OTP’s launch in 2005, sport associations, ex-athletes, corporate officials and the public in Canada, have praised the bold initiative. But as the cheers build, with two years to go, a little perspective is warranted. Davis is one of the few people in the Canadian sport system willing to admit Canada might have bitten off more than it can chew.

“Whether it’s the Olympic Committee, Sport Canada, sport centres or other agencies, it’s all over the place,” Davis says. “They have the same problem in Great Britain. They have multiple organizations that keep bumping into each other. If we can simplify the system here that will be a huge breakthrough, but I’m not confident. It’s just too difficult.”

24 Hour Solo World Record For Henry Visscher

According to Skate Podium, Henry Visscher set the 24 hour solo mark by skating 540km’s in 24 hours- read more in Henry Visscher verbreekt wereldrecord.

Videos- Road To Speed

Check out these videos featuring France’s Arnaud Gicquel- Road to Speed trailer and Road to Speed trailer2