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2008 Worlds Gijon- More Pictures- September 1st

Below are a few more pictures from training at the 2008 World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon, Spain.

Good news from the Canadian camp; the team arrived in Gijon earlier today. They are exhausted after very little sleep and jet lag.

The team skated this evening during the open practice from 9pm to 10pm.

2008 Worlds Gijon- Cado Motus: Unleashing the Beast

The most recent World Roller Speed Skating Championships entry on Cado Motus is September 1 in Gijon – Unleashing the Beast

Photo from Cado Motus

So as the days wind down and the beasts come out, it is interesting to watch the actions and the body language of the athletes at the track – which are undergoing a change. Athletes becoming hyperactive and extroverted, or insular. Becoming aware of too much around them, or becoming negatively focused on themselves. Athletes spending greatly increased amounts of time at the track, or greatly reduced. Skaters who were in the stands before now itching to be on the track, and skaters who were on the track before now feeling the pressure and wanting a ‘break’ in the stands.

Results- RSO Outdoor Series #3

You can find all the results from the 3rd RSO Outdoor Series held on August 24th in Harriston.

You can also find them (again) here on the Roller Sports Canada site.

Photo- Lilli Marlen Dietrich

Check out the picture of Lilli Marlen Dietrich, born to Annette and Joerg Dietrich  on August 26th.

2008 Worlds Gijon- Time Trial Predictions & Live Video Feed

Here’s a bit of news from the thread World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain

Bill Begg wrote a few thoughts on Greg Duggento and about the time-trials-

To Qualify in the top 12 for the track 300 T/T will be amajor hurdle for starters, after that anything is possible & there are atleast 6 well credentialled serious contendors, its the first time for the mens 300 T/T that true contendors outnumber pretendors.

The Colombians & Italians have a real challenge in the USA Pocket Rocket Sara Sayasanne, with 10.3 opening 100 meters to back her up.

Live video! This is what Alex Bont wrote’

We should have live video on the web site from day 1 of the champs. All free! They are setting up 8 webcams around the track.

2008 Worlds Gijon- Pics From September 1st

Michale Byrne wrote an entry where he discussed the timing of skaters- see Gijon, Worlds, and the Flying 100 Game

During today’s practice, skaters and coaches were in the stands as usual, timing the skaters doing flying 100’s and 200’s. When a skater stated going fast, you could hear a few stopwatches beep. But when Joey Mantia skated fast, every single stopwatch in the stands beeped. 

Below are a few pictures from this morning-

Worlds- September 1st- Pictures

Mundo Patin published a few more photo galleries of different teams preparing for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon, Spain-

Here are a few pictures that I took today

Photo from Mundo Patin

Photo from Mundo Patin

Photo from Mundo Patin

Photo from Mundo Patin

Photo from Mundo Patin