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Padova Grand Prix- Results, Pics, Reports

We’re back from the Padova Grand Prix. Click here for results from the track (Padova World Grand Prix on Friday) and click here for the World Country Roller Marathon results. You can also find Thursday results (Padova Grand Prix Giovani).

Patin Carrera published a couple of reports; here’s the report on the World Country Roller Marathon and here is the report on the Padova World Grand Prix.

Thanks to everyone who helped put this event and the group of skaters together. Travel, food, hotel, and race entries were all covered by the race organizers. The event was top-notch, with announcers, a giant screen showing the racing, live music, and fantastic & beautiful venues.

The caravan of 3 vehicles, 21 skaters, and tons of luggage made its was from Weinfelden to Padova over night.

Once arrived Friday morning in Padova at 7:15am, we checked-in at the hotel and caught a few hours of sleep. Race organizers greeted us before lunch for the skaters to fill in entry forms.

After lunch, we then made our way to the track in Padova and competed all day. The track in Padova is really beautiful. The road surrounds a large fountain and statues surrounding a small river.

After a day of racing, we got back to the hotel past midnight and went straight to sleep. We had to wake up very early on Saturday to make it to Chioggia, near Venice for the marathon.

The marathon started right in the middle of Chioggia and ran on cobble stones along a canal and old beautiful buildings. It was a pleasure to race in those streets. The marathon then made its way to a 3km loop along the beach lining the Adriatic sea. A few of us finished the marathon in under 1-hour. My time was about 59:50- a PB. 🙂

I’ll have a video online sometime this week. I have lots of footage.

Our caravan featured 3 vehicles jammed with international skaters & lots of luggage. Skaters from New Zealand, Argentina, Switzerland, Colombia, Venezuela, and of course Canada were part of the caravan.

We drove through the night and were greeted by a beautiful Italian sunrise

Alexander Bastidas getting his race #’s pinned

Women’s 5k

Women’s 5k

Women’s 5k

Finish of the junior men’s 5k- Livio Wenger lunges for the line

Senior men’s 5k

Senior men’s 5k

That’s me in front of the senior men’s 5k- I got blown out of the water on the last lap

Finishing the 1000-meter

Many statues of famous people line the inside of the track

We raced around this plaza

The plaza

Junior women finishing their 10km points race- note the bug screen on the right

Senior women’s 10k

Morgane Echardour (left) on the phone during the Senior women’s 10k points race

Between races in the evening at the track, we were treated to a yummy dinner featuring bread, roast beef, delicious pasta with fantastic sauce, and potatoes.

Dinner at the track- Tamarra Llorens, Gijermoh, Cecilia Baena, Alexandra Vivas, and Alexander Bastidas

Equipment & skates

Going for points in the Senior men’s 10k points race

A good sized crowd gathered in the plaza to watch the action which include points race, 200-meter finals, and music

Francesco Zangarini- winner of the World Grand Prix Marathon

Skating the marathon

A few Italian friends and I after the marathon

During the award presentations

Bill Begg (in red with hat) organized the international contingent of skaters

Luca Manelli- he helped put the race together

The medal presentations were very formal, with many presenters, theme music for the presentation, national anthems & flags

Switzerland’s Livio Wenger was so hungry that he tried to eat his medal. It didn’t work. He was desperately scouting for McDonads during the drive home. We saw one but we didn’t stop. He was sad.

Junior men’s marathon podium

Senior men’s marathon podium

Morgane Echardour collects her prize money after the marathon- the races paid 6 deep for each of the following categories; sprint, distance, and marathon, with 600 euro going to the winners!

On the beach after the marathon and the sand fight- Gijermoh, Wayne Begg, Morgane Echardour, me, Rueben Martinez, and Marc Christen

Even more skaters on the beach

The beach- a perfect place to be after a marathon

Italian friends

Livio Wenger & someone’s feet on the bus on the way home

Some of the scenery driving back home

This pizza was amazing. I wish I had some right now

Mountains in Italy

More mountains in Italy

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