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Results- Ottawa Inline Skating Festival

Click on the links below for the Ottawa Inline Skating Festival

Video- Padova Grand Prix & World Country Marathon

While Morgane and I sat on the train from Nantes to Gijon yesterday, I put together my video of the Padova Grand Prix and World Country Marathon. It includes good music, fast racing, and beautiful scenery. What else could you ask of in a SpeedSkateWorld.com video?!

Check it out 2008-08-22 to 23- Italy- Padova Grand Prix

Video- Inline Skating Race Goes Wrong!!

‘Attention a la mousse!!’

‘C’est de la connerie ce que vous avez mis la!’

Check out the finish of this race- fall upon fall upon fall…- Inline Skating Race Goes Wrong.

Here’s are your challenges for today (just in case you have 4 hours to kill like I do)

a) how many skaters fall during the video clip?
b) what’s the average time each skater stays on the ground?
c) what is the fall rate per minute?
d) of all those who are involved in a fall, how many are not wearing skates?

Worlds Training Pics- Argentina And China

Mundo Patin published pictures of Argentina and China as the selections prepare for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

Photo from Mundo Patin

Photo from Mundo Patin

Fast Track In Gijon For World Roller Speed Skating Championships

In the thread World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain, you’ll see new pictures from training on the track in Gijon as skaters prepare for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

Photo from Bont.co.kr

Alexander Bont said-

Kalon Dobbin predicts that it will take a world record to win the 300m on the track because it is extremely fast. Recent wheel developments and the jump to 110mm have meant that we just need a fast track and world records will tumble. Many skaters have been staying at the track most of the day to take the lap times of their competitors. The US, Colombian, Taiwanese, Korean and NZ teams are all looking extremely fast. China has just arrived today and they look vastly improved over last year. As too does the Portuguese team.

BIll Begg also gave his analysis of various teams including Italy, Korea, Chinese Taipei, China, USA, Portugal, and France adding

The Track is very Technical in the mens that means Kalon Dobbin has a big chance, Wouter Hebbrecht has favoured the open tracks more, but has improved on his Technical side & Gregory Dugento is still a big threat, while impressive last year Frenchman Julien Despaux can not make the French starting line up, no loyalties in the French camp, its very cut throat with selections & the depth available, but one might suspect, we saw there sprinters at their best at the Europeans, if this is not so, then we could expect big things from them.

The thread Sad Sad Sad contains news that the World Roller Speed Skating Championships won’t be held in Switzerland next year.

Bill Begg wrote the following-

Yes very dissapointing for us who are based in the area, there were big plans for the track & with so many top skaters based in the area, it was a bonus, but in General a lot of pettiness prevented it ever being utilized to its full extent.

I know anumber of teams are looking for German bases for the comming year, as the attraction of a Swiss World Venue for skaters & sponsors alike was an incentive to be based in the area.

Most product hype comes from two areas, 1/ The World Inline Cup & 2/ The world champs,this would have been the ideal on the spot set up for skaters & sponsors alike.

For the Kiwi skaters, it would have been a big hometown advantage & with the Swiss team for Worlds this year, we picked on the scenario for Worlds 2009.

There will be much discontent, but then again a World championships in Switzerland may have sucked the sponsors dry & effected the resources available to run the big WIC / SIC events, which the skating world needs.

Any country can virtually hold a one off World champs, if they have the money, but to organize road closures & closing down access to City Centers & recreation lakes several times per year is something unique in Switzerland, that we can not afford to lose.

Unfortunately the days of un numbered Bank accounts in Switzerland has gone & like most World economies at present, money is not easy to come by.

Video- Inline One Eleven St Gallen- By Niki Neck

Click here for Niki Neck’s video from the Inline One Eleven St Gallen.

Lilli Marlen Dietrich: Born On August 26th

Lilli Marlen Dietrich was born on the 26th August to Annette & Joerg Dietrich. A proud Joerg reported both mum& daughter were well, we wish them all the best from all in the skating fraternity.

Read more in ZEPTO JOERG.

Grand Prix Standings- Updated With North Of The 49th Results

InlineSkateMpls shared updated Grand Prix Standings which include results from the North of the 49th Marathon.

Goodbye Nantes, Gijon (Worlds), Here We Come!!

Morgane and I are leaving for Gijon, Spain today. Our travels take us to Irun (Spain) by train and then to Gijon by bus. We will be in Gijon on Sunday morning in time to check in the hotel and make it to the track for the 11am practice.

Morgane and I should be merging with the rest of the Canadian team in the late-afternoon/ early evening on September 1st.

I really enjoyed Nantes. I was able to meet some wonderful people, taste some great food, see some really beautiful landscapes, and immerse myself in rich histories and cultures.

I especially had many good training opportunities and partners. I feel like I learned a lot during the training sessions and the competitions.

I spent my last few days in Nantes doing a few things, including…

  • …preparing for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships
  • …saying goodbye to and visiting new found friends & Morgane’s family
  • …doing the ‘tourist’ thing, visiting the Jules Vernes Museum, the Nantes Castle, and the giant mechanical elephant of Nantes
  • …downloading a ton of music & movies
  • …spending my downtime reading and working on SSW

While I am in Spain for the World Championships, I will use only my downtime to maintain SSW. This is exactly what I’ve been doing during my time in Europe.

One project that I do plan on working on and finishing is the video from Padova, Italy. I’ll probably work on the video on the train on the way to Irun, Spain.

Afterall, what else is there to do for 7-hours, other than watching a couple of movies, staring out the window, and annoying Morgane?

The Nantes elephant makes a triumphant debut

Vivien ‘L’extra-terreste’ and I at the Thursday night roll

Yamo (Cecilia Leboeuf) and Moya (Morgane Echardour) at the Thursday night roll

Inside the Nantes Castle

Outside the Nantes Castle– the moat was filled with ducks, turtles, and fish

The Nantes elephant take a few people for a ride!

One of the small cobblestone streets lined with creperies, cafes, and restaurants

Pictures: Worlds- Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Holland, & USA

You can find pictures of the following World Teams in training thanks to Mundo Patin;

USA- Photo from Mundo Patin

Costa Rica- Photo from Mundo Patin

Spain- Photo from Mundo Patin

Colombia- Photo from Mundo Patin

Holland- Photo from Mundo Patin

Results & Pictures- North Of The 49th Marathon (Winnipeg)

Click here for results and pictures from the North Of The 49th Marathon held last weekend in Winnipeg.

Full Results:

1 Mike Anderson 1:15:01
2 Randy Plett 1:15:55
3 Herb Gayle 1:20:08
4 Chad Weisgram 1:20:09
5 Conny Strub 1:20:13
6 Susan Welch 1:20:13
7 Bryan Sampson 1:20:13
8 Terry Holm 1:20:13
9 Curtis Tesch 1:20:13
10 David Swan 1:20:14
11 Barend Tollenaar 1:20:14
12 Tim Turner 1:20:15
13 Keith Svir 1:20:15
14 Gary Olson 1:20:15
15 David Lawler 1:20:16
16 Andrew Uttke 1:20:16
17 Rebecca Maus 1:20:22
18 Greg Carrigan 1:20:43
19 William Field 1:28:11
20 Floyd Reichel 1:28:19

The field sprint for the finish with Conny Strub in front, Sue Welch close behind.    Herb Gayle  won the field sprint to claim 3rd place, Chad Weisgram from Fargo was fourth, followed by Conny Strub and Sue Welch.‘- photo and caption from InlineSkateMpls

InlineSkateMpls- Str8 Sk8 Series Awards Banquet

InlineSkateMpls put up a report on the Str8 Sk8 Series Awards Banquet

Photo from InlineSkateMpls

August 21st marked the end to another Str8 Sk8 Series at the John Rose Oval.  The last night of racing included a short pack-style race, a two lap time trial and a final 20 lap race with all categories combined.  The highlight of the evening was Danny Fredrick’s time trial where he broke the track record held by Jeff Terwilliger.

Video- Bornholm Classic 100km 2008

Click here for a link with videos from the Bornholm Classic 100km held on August 10th. See Bornholm rundt på rulleskøjter 2008 and Bornholm rundt (100/42 km.) 10-8-2008

Pics & Information: Matter & Hyper Wheels

Check out the following links with pictures and information about wheels-

Video- Fabrication Of UFS 4X100mm Speed Frames

Check out this video of UFS 4X100mm Speed Frames being made.

UFS SPEED FRAME from Suat Kumas on Vimeo.

Andrew Love- 2 T Shirts & Making A Phelps

Check out Andrew Love’s entries 2 shirts and to make a Phelps

I grab my camera, and in a few moments capture Derek Parra on his bike leading two of his WHIP program skaters‘- photo and caption from Andrew Love

It takes a wide pyramid to create an extraordinary pinnacle, a vast amount of dedicated individuals, almost all of them who never win medals, never reach the games, or even never reach nationals.

This was a shirt on the back of a Japanese skater training at the Utah oval. We both tried, but since we did not share a language, the 1000 words of this story will probably go unknown.‘- photo and caption from Andrew Love

Jack Sisson Skates Arcoss America In 71 Days

The Inline Planet recently published this article- The Highs and Lows of a Cross-country Skater- Jack Sisson talks about his 71 day journey across America

Jack Sisson at Ocean Beach in San Diego‘- photo and caption from the Inline Planet

Along the way, he raised $4300 for Action Against Hunger, a humanitarian group, and attracted the interest of a sponsor, Rollerblade, which offered to match his fundraising dollar for dollar.

Cado Motus In Gijon- Track Practices

The latest World Roller Speed Skating Championships entry from Michael Byrne is August 27 in Gijon – rationing of track practice

Locals give chase
Every evening practice is shared with the local club… identifiable by flowing oversized shirts, the local skaters have ‘taken it up a notch’ since we arrived
‘- photo and caption from Cado Motus

The track is another story. Each country (of the 50-ish Nations attending), in groups of about 8, are provided with 2x 1hour practices at the track each day. It didn’t take Angie long to notice that some teams in the coming week have been allocated up to four sessions in the ‘prime time’ (hours when competition finals are scheduled), while others can get perhaps one or none altogether.

Reports & Pictures: Tienen Day 1 & Day 2- From Skating Sisters

Skating Sisters put up a Tienen day 1 report and a Tienen day 2 report.

Click here for a photo album.

Photo from Skating Sisters

Photo from Rik Huys

Grand Prix Results- As Of St Michael’s

The Grand Prix Results as of St Michael’s 1/2 Marathon are tabulated. The two remaining races in the Grand Prix Series are North of the 49th (Winnipeg), which took place last weekend, and the North Shore Inline Marathon.

You can read more by clicking the following link; Grand Prix Results as of St. Michael.

Team France 2008- Presenting Its Skaters

Equipe de France Roller 2008 started introducing its skaters & staff for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships-

Laëtitia Le Bihan

Wouter Hebbrecht- 7 Days To Go To Worlds

Wouter Hebbrecht’s latest entry is 7 DAYS TO GO– yep, that’s 1 week to go to the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon-

Slowly we are getting some times on the other skaters and can safely say the WR will go down in some of the distances. The 110 mm wheels have a lot to do with it and of course the track feels very fast once you get up to speed! I wouldn’t be surprised to see some 14 second laps during this years competition.

Sad Sad Sad- Weinfelden (Switzerland) Won’t Hold World Champs In 2009

Niki Neck shared the news in Sad Sad Sad that the 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships will not be held in Weinfelden, Switzerland.

I think that some aren’t surprised by the news; I heard rumblings of this a few months ago.

This is part of the text in a letter sent by CIC President Roberto Marotta to a number of federations;

the Swiss Federation communicated C.I.C. with deep regret about its impossibility to organise the 2009 Worlds, as just scheduled in Zurich-Weinfelden in September.

Unfortunately, serious difficulties for the availability of a track with standard sizes as well as difficulties in finding an agency for the organisation of the event, are not allowing the organisation by the Swiss Federation.

All this said, I kindly invite all Federations to submit, if interested, their candidature for the organisation of the 2009 Worlds.

The C.I.C. will take into account such bids, by checking:
– the availability of a track with standard sizes, the road circuit and the circuit for the marathon;
– the official commitment of administrative authorities of the hosting town;
– the previous organising experiences;
– the support in offering board and lodging to new developing countries ( 60 persons).

Awaiting your kind and prompt reply on such matter, preferably on the occasion of CIC Elective Assembly on Sept. 3, 2008 in Gijon/Spajn, I remain sincerely yours,

Pictures- Flanders Grand Prix (Zandvoorde)

Click here for photos from the Flanders Grand Prix that took place in Zandvoorde, Belgium.

Photo from rik3130

Photo from rik3130

Photo from rik3130

Photo from rik3130

Video- Euro Champs Senior Men 10k Points

Skate TV put up a super good video of the Senior Men’s 10km points race from last months European Championships in Germany-

Report- Coni X Race World Inline Cup- By Bill Begg

Bill Begg wrote a short report on the Coni X Race World Inline Cup- read it in the thread World Cup Topics for 2008 (page 33)-

Well the ladies overall winner has been sorted for a while & the top 3 have been decided, but 2nd & 3rd not finalized, but a BONT WHEELS 1,2 & 3.

Now Yann Guyader the Frenchman from Alessi Powerslide has won the mens overall,if he lines up in Berlin or not. with 946 points in the bank.

Right To Play- Chris Windman Finishes Cycling Journey

Check out the following article on the Right To Play website-

Student finishes his cycling journey strong for Right to Play

difficult 833 mile bicycle journey. Chris’s first long-distance route from Michigan to New York demanded that he overcome numerous obstacles in support of Right to Play. To use this first long-distance bicycle ride to raise awareness and fundraise for Right to Play’s sport and play programs in over 20 developing countries, Chris stayed the course despite many unexpected hurdles. After weeks of training, preparing, and mapping the route for his month-long bike ride, Chris blasted through Michigan on Route 25 his first morning on the route.

Equipe de France Roller 2008 In Gijon For Worlds

Make sure you click your way over to the Equipe de France Roller 2008– the site is being maintained with news, reports, pics, and fun stuff from Gijon, Spain- host of the 2008 World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

The entry montage des tribunes gives a look into the newly erected stands, which should give an intimate atmosphere.

Photo from Equipe de France Roller 2008

Laurie Marceau- Trying Out For Canadian Short Track Team In September

I am linking to the following article thanks to Patinage De Vitesse – Courte Piste

Une période importante attend Laurie Marceau– Laurie Marceau will be competing for a spot on the Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Team at the team trials September 16 to 18 in British Columbia.

Photo from Le Quotidien, Rocket Lavoie