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  • August 2008
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Results- Ottawa Inline Skating Festival

Click on the links below for the Ottawa Inline Skating Festival

Video- Padova Grand Prix & World Country Marathon

While Morgane and I sat on the train from Nantes to Gijon yesterday, I put together my video of the Padova Grand Prix and World Country Marathon. It includes good music, fast racing, and beautiful scenery. What else could you ask of in a SpeedSkateWorld.com video?!

Check it out 2008-08-22 to 23- Italy- Padova Grand Prix

Video- Inline Skating Race Goes Wrong!!

‘Attention a la mousse!!’

‘C’est de la connerie ce que vous avez mis la!’

Check out the finish of this race- fall upon fall upon fall…- Inline Skating Race Goes Wrong.

Here’s are your challenges for today (just in case you have 4 hours to kill like I do)

a) how many skaters fall during the video clip?
b) what’s the average time each skater stays on the ground?
c) what is the fall rate per minute?
d) of all those who are involved in a fall, how many are not wearing skates?

Worlds Training Pics- Argentina And China

Mundo Patin published pictures of Argentina and China as the selections prepare for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

Photo from Mundo Patin

Photo from Mundo Patin

Fast Track In Gijon For World Roller Speed Skating Championships

In the thread World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain, you’ll see new pictures from training on the track in Gijon as skaters prepare for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

Photo from Bont.co.kr

Alexander Bont said-

Kalon Dobbin predicts that it will take a world record to win the 300m on the track because it is extremely fast. Recent wheel developments and the jump to 110mm have meant that we just need a fast track and world records will tumble. Many skaters have been staying at the track most of the day to take the lap times of their competitors. The US, Colombian, Taiwanese, Korean and NZ teams are all looking extremely fast. China has just arrived today and they look vastly improved over last year. As too does the Portuguese team.

BIll Begg also gave his analysis of various teams including Italy, Korea, Chinese Taipei, China, USA, Portugal, and France adding

The Track is very Technical in the mens that means Kalon Dobbin has a big chance, Wouter Hebbrecht has favoured the open tracks more, but has improved on his Technical side & Gregory Dugento is still a big threat, while impressive last year Frenchman Julien Despaux can not make the French starting line up, no loyalties in the French camp, its very cut throat with selections & the depth available, but one might suspect, we saw there sprinters at their best at the Europeans, if this is not so, then we could expect big things from them.

The thread Sad Sad Sad contains news that the World Roller Speed Skating Championships won’t be held in Switzerland next year.

Bill Begg wrote the following-

Yes very dissapointing for us who are based in the area, there were big plans for the track & with so many top skaters based in the area, it was a bonus, but in General a lot of pettiness prevented it ever being utilized to its full extent.

I know anumber of teams are looking for German bases for the comming year, as the attraction of a Swiss World Venue for skaters & sponsors alike was an incentive to be based in the area.

Most product hype comes from two areas, 1/ The World Inline Cup & 2/ The world champs,this would have been the ideal on the spot set up for skaters & sponsors alike.

For the Kiwi skaters, it would have been a big hometown advantage & with the Swiss team for Worlds this year, we picked on the scenario for Worlds 2009.

There will be much discontent, but then again a World championships in Switzerland may have sucked the sponsors dry & effected the resources available to run the big WIC / SIC events, which the skating world needs.

Any country can virtually hold a one off World champs, if they have the money, but to organize road closures & closing down access to City Centers & recreation lakes several times per year is something unique in Switzerland, that we can not afford to lose.

Unfortunately the days of un numbered Bank accounts in Switzerland has gone & like most World economies at present, money is not easy to come by.

Video- Inline One Eleven St Gallen- By Niki Neck

Click here for Niki Neck’s video from the Inline One Eleven St Gallen.