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Chicagoland Inline Marathon Reports- Mike Garvin & Candy Wong

Below are a couple of reports from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon-

– Mike Garvin’s report; [RACE REPORT] Chicagoland Marathon
– Candy Wong’s report; Chicagoland Inline Marathon

So, yet another lesson learned; don’t be content with your position in the pack, always, always be moving up. In fact during the race I did move up several times, and on the big hill on the east side I used it to move up a couple of times. But throughout the whole race I also sometimes choose to just take it easy and rest in the position I was in. The problem with this is that others are moving up ahead of you, so your position is always moving back…you can’t just sit in the pack, you have to keep moving up.

Chicagoland Inline Marathon Results

Click here for the results from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon.

2008 chicago inline marathon
Chicago, IL

Timing by Accu-split Timing Co.\\ info @accu-split.com

*********overall results**********

1 284 e Adam Miller 25 M 1:14:19 21.2
2 70 e Jonathan Gorman 20 M 1:14:20 21.1
3 214 e David Sarmiento 26 M 1:14:20 21.1
4 323 em Tony Muse 40 M 1:14:20 21.1
5 311 e Bj Steketee 30 M 1:14:20 21.1
6 285 em Ryan Chrisler 35 M 1:14:21 21.1
7 308 e Bob Bell 24 M 1:14:22 21.1
8 165 e Jordan Nelson 28 M 1:14:22 21.1
9 286 em Richard Cassube 36 M 1:14:22 21.1
10 108 em Norm Kirby 41 M 1:14:22 21.1
11 124 e Bryan Kubota 14 M 1:14:24 21.1
12 280 e Brian Limke 17 M 1:14:25 21.1
13 198 e Debbie Rice 40 F 1:14:25 21.1
14 90 e Sarah Hopkins 27 F 1:14:25 21.1
15 261 em Morgan Williams 45 M 1:14:25 21.1
16 206 e Jilleanne Rookard 25 F 1:14:25 21.1
17 204 em Matt Robinson 43 M 1:14:25 21.1
18 255 e Matt Walther 28 M 1:14:26 21.1
19 117 e Andy Kostka 28 M 1:14:26 21.1
20 93 em Dennis Humphrey 52 M 1:14:26 21.1

Mans 2008 Video Contest

Go to Mans 2008 : Concours de Clip Vidéos to find information on a video contest for the Mans 2008. The winning clip’s team will win a free registration for the 2009 event.

Matthias Schwierz

Matthias Schwierz‘s site (Germany) has been added to the links.

Canadian ST Team Training Camp Pics

Click here for a thread featuring pictures of Canada’s short track speed skating team in a training camp in Vancouver.

It was an opportunity to meet the Short Track National Team including Olympic Medalists Charles Hamelin, Jean-Francois Monette, Francois-Louis Tremblay, Kalyna Roberge, Tania Vicent and Amanda Overland as they prepared for the season and 2010 Olympics. They were here from Montreal and Calgary to familiarize themselves with the venue and the ice before returning to Vancouver for the first Team Selection of the season ( September 16-18) and the second stop of the ISU World Cup Short Track
(Oct. 24-26)

Local junior development team skaters were invited to take the ice with their heroes for a relay race. I’m guessing they were in the 12 to 15 year old range but boy were they focused. I spoke to one of their mom’s and she said this was their first time on the ice for 3 months and although excited, their uppermost thought was not to fall in front of their heroes. No one did, and it was fun to watch. They tracked like pros and flew ahead as they were pushed by the seniors..there were a few squeals in the process as they really took off when pushed by “the big guys”! A thrill for each of them. See picture below after they changed from their gear.

Here are the women taking the ice ( I think it’s the women’s team)‘- caption and photo from musicalmom

This is STEVE ROBILLARD, world cup & world championship medalist. He’ competed last season in WCup # 1 ,#2,#3,#4 and the World Championships‘- caption and photo from musicalmom

Olivier stood out on the ice for several reasons…he is quite tall ( one of the parents said he looked like a long track skater), he has long dreads, and he wore a bright yellow & gray skin suit. He was amazing with the younger kids on the ice and took time to talk to them before the relay.‘- caption and photo from musicalmom

Rabadeira Cup Pictures

Click here for a report and click here for photos from the Rabadeira Cup.

Photo from Mundo Patin

Colombia & Spain Preparing For Worlds

Read through Mundo Patin‘s article Las selecciones ya comienzan sus preparaciones para el Campeonato Mundial de Gijón 2008.

Durante todo el día están realizando diferentes entrenamientos: LUNES: Descanso; MARTES: Patines en Circuito y Pesas; MIÉRCOLES: Bicicleta y Patines en Pista; JUEVES: Patines en Circuito y Pesas; VIERNES: Bicicleta y Patines en Pista; SÁBADO: Pesas y Patines en Pista; y DOMINGO: Bicicleta.

—translated in Babel Fish

Throughout the day they are realising different training: MONDAY: Rest; TUESDAY: Skates in Circuit and Weights; WEDNESDAY: Bicycle and Skates in Track; THURSDAY: Skates in Circuit and Weights; FRIDAY: Bicycle and Skates in Track; SATURDAY: Weights and Skates in Track; and DOMINGO: Bicycle.