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Canadian World Team & Open Training Camp July 26 & 27

There will be a Canadian World Team & Open Training Camp on July 26th & 27th at the CITC in Harriston-

Alex Perrie will hold a training camp on July 26th and 27th. The camp open to everyone. Alex Perrie & Andrew Hegarty will conduct the programme.

Programme Outline:
Friday– Registration, orientation, campfire & BBQ. People can camp or stay overnight or drive back & forth- whatever is appropriate and suitable for everyone.
Saturday– Skate 8:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday– Skate 8:00am to 4:00pm

The camp will feature: drills & skills on the new pad, technique and race strategies, training and some fun races & activities, international videos, spinning classes, and weight sessions.

Cost for Weekend = $85.00 or One day $45.00

Come to the training camp at the CITC track in Harriston and at the same time help the Ontario members of this year’s World Team raise funds to help them with their expenses.

So that Alex can adequately prepare for this camp, it would be appreciated if you intend on attending please email him a.s.a.p: speedcoach@highspeedfx.net

Don’t Forget: USA Indoor Live

Don’t forget to check out the USA Indoor Championships live broadcast.

Andrew Love’s Latest Entry- Where?

Andrew Love‘s most recent entry is called Where?. It’s an original and great post that covers a wide array of topics.

About the Utah Olympic Oval, he wrote-

It’s pure, clear, and feels like a virginal baseball diamond before spring training begins to tear upon it with frantic cleated intensity.

He describes the bike racing component of his training as being a ‘dash of brutality‘.

It’s surprising how much short track seems to improve everything else. It’s like this activity seems to supercharge the bodies’ capacity to “do”.

You MUST go to Andrew’s site to read the awesome explanation of the fork, knife, and spoon; it’s too good for me to copy and paste- he concludes his explanation, saying ‘It was one of those weird, skater moments that 99.9% of Humanity would just not get‘- photo from Andrew Love

European Junior Championships Wrap-Up

The European Junior Championships wrapped up a few days ago. You can use the following links to dig up results, videos, pictures, and animated discussions-
Results on official website
European Championship 2008 in Denmark– discussion, results, pictures, and more on Bont forum
Mundo Patin’s Euro Jr Champs page– features reports, medal tables, results, pictures
Quartier Zopf Online’s picture galleries– a lot of pictures
Training & News Updates- click here, here, here, here, here– there are more
Pictures on Pattinaggio Bellusco– scan through the site’s July 2008 archives

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo posted in Training & News

Beilen World On Wheels #12 Results & Photos

The results from the Beilen World On Wheels #12 can be found here. Click for men’s results, women’s results, and beloften’s results.

You can find photos thanks to Harm de Boer Fotografie; see the men’s photos, women’s photos, and beloften photos.

Men’s race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Women’s race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Beloften race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Videos- WIC/ SIC Einsiedeln

You can find Einsiedeln World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup videos thanks to Bont TV

Women’s video– good quality video with picutres & an exciting finish
Men’s video

French Team In Gera

The French selection will soon be in Gera in preparation for the upcoming European Senior Championships.

Photo from Roller En Ligne