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  • July 2008
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From Europe #4- Too Much Luggage = Cycling After Cars Through Paris

We have now arrived in Nantes and we’re staying at Morgane’s Grandmother’s (Mamy) house.

I haven’t been outside yet apart from cycling after Morgane’s Grandmother’s car through Nantes.

The really hairy part of yesteday took place in Paris. We needed to be at Montparnasse station at noon for our train to Nantes. We started packing Morgane’s uncle’s car with our luggage and soon realized that there was no way all of our stuff including the bikes- let alone our bodies- would fit in the car.

The mix of the typical sized small car in France paired with our high volume of luggage meant that our bikes and bodies could not fit in the car.

Morgane and I had to cycle after her uncle and our luggage as he drove swiftly through the streets of Paris to the train station.

We made it to the Montparnasse train station with time to spare. However despite our reciepts and confirmation #’s, our train reservation was not recorded in the computer system. We had to wait 5-hours for the next train to Nantes.

‘Mamy’ picked us up at the train station in Nantes. We got to follow Mamy’s car on our bikes through Nantes.

She insists on feeding us very well. We have big room, warm bed, a large garden, and the Tour de France live on French television.

World Inline Cup Suzhou Initial Results

This is from the thread WIC Suzhou?

Relayed to me from Cecelia through MSN
Cecilia Baena Bont Wheels, 2nd Giovanna Tucharelli and 3rd Sandra Gomez both powerslide Aessi, 4th Nicole Begg Bont Wheels
Men’s race
1st Massi Presti, 2nd Nicolas Zamudio, 3rd Fabio Francolini