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  • July 2008
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From Europe #1- In Paris

Morgane and I exhaustingly arrived in Paris with 2 big suitcases, a bike, and 3 carry-on bags each. We had to pay some $300 for excess baggage- I expected this. Apart from the flight being delayed in Toronto thanks to a thunder storm- which I heard affected the TISC practice- the travels went quite smoothly.

We arrived successfully at Morgane’s cousin’s place in Paris earlier this afternoon. We took the subway with the guidance and help of Morgane’s cousin and a very friendly stranger. The stranger noticed our struggles with the luggage and helped carry our luggage through the subway system as we climed endless stairs and transfered from one subway line to another. He gladly accepted our thanks and appreciation and outright refused money.

Paris is a stunning city. The yogurt, cheese, and baguettes are amazing and delicious. I need to control myself or else I will turn into a big balloon, and I don’t think that will help me race. I don’t think that will be a problem. There’s lots of good and healthy food at all the supermarkets.

We are staying in Paris at Morgane’s cousin’s house for a few nights. She lives a short bike-ride from the Eifel tower. I can’t wait to stroll and bike through the city tomorrow

It’s about just after mignight now. Morgane’s brother, who is a police officer in Paris, came visit his sister that he hadn’t see in 5 years.

Apart from a few cat-naps and power naps, we managed to stay awake until now. We should ‘fall into’ a good sleep schedule soon and adapt to the time change.

Thanks to Wayne Burrett for taking us to the airport and to my mother who escorted us all the way to the gate at the airport.

Over and out, and thanks for the kind comments.