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  • July 2008
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Cofi (Yann Dujarrier) Le Mans 24 Heure Roller Interview

Cofi (Yann Dujarrier) skated the Le Mans 24 Heures Roller solo. Roller En Ligne linked up to an interview. You can go directly to the interview by clicking on this link right here.

New Zealand’s World Selection

Mundo Patin announced New Zealand’s World Championships selection- read more in New Zealand gives the names of her selection for the World Championship of Gijón 2008.

In this occasion, it has been the selection of New Zealand, that already has confirmed his listing of skaters for Gijón 2008, where a total of 18 skaters will be the representatives.

Desly Hill Profile

Cado Motus put up a profile of Desly Hill- see Desly Hill (AUS), coach of CadoMotus World Ladies.

While coaching in Australia, Desly undertook her Masters Degree in Applied Science (Elite Sports Coaching) via a scholarship from the Australian Sports Commission. Her graduation research project, completed while coaching internationally, was an investigation on the life and athletic experiences of Elite coaches that influence their coaching philosophy and approach.

Racing pro for Playlife/Rollerblade in the US Desly (left) follows teammate Theresa Cliff‘- photo posted on Cado Motus

Pictures, Report, Some Results- Quebec Cup #2

The Quebec Cup #2 took place yesterday in Montreal. Click here for photo from my camera.

A few of my friends left from the Peter’s ‘Get Out Of Town’ Party and drove all night to get in Montreal in time to nap and race all day.

Jesse Pauley fell twice- once during the warm up and once in the 10km elite race. Stephane Tremblay was assured the win in the 10k when Pauley fell.

Morgane Echardour also fell in the 10km race with 3 laps to go. Echardour and Martine Charbonneau traded wins in the 1000-meter and 300-meter time trial. Echardour’s fall secured Charbonneau’s overall win on the day.

I heard that a junior skater fell as well.

Elite Men Overall Results
1- Jesse Pauley
2- Travis Shaw
3- Brian Jalbert

Elite Women Overall Results
1- Martine Charbonneau
2- Morgane Echardour

Uhhh, ouch!

Apple core and raffle tickets

Jesse Pauley finishing

Tejan Chinakonda

Pictures- P’Tit Train Du Nord Avec VRL

Click here for pictures of the P’Tit Train Du Nord. The P’Tit Train Du Nord is a 100km group skate in the Montreal area.

Photo from Claudia T

Road Rash Chronicles- Trying….Really

The latest entry in Road Rash Chronicles is called Trying.

Skaters around me are developing so quickly and are often times surpassing my level and it is starting to piss me off.  😉 

Video- Weinfelden WIC/ SIC

Thanks to Roller En Ligne, I can share this video from the Weinfelden WIC- Swiss Inline Cup 2008 WEINFELDEN– watch below-