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  • July 2008
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My Party? Or RRC’s Inline Cocktail Party? Choose One!

I am hosting a party tonight at my house. If you’re reading this, come on down!

I will probably BBQ’ing some burgers.

My party is called the Peter’s ‘Get Out Of Town’ party. It will be a gathering of various skating and non-skating peoples coming together to celebrate and rejoice in finally getting rid of me- thanks to my fast-approaching departure from Canada to France. I leave on Tuesday and I’ll be gone until mid-September.

Road Rash Chronicles is having an Inline Cocktail Party tonight- read more about it in If you can read this, your invited.

Will you come my house in Mississauga?
6:30pm or later
652 Santee Gate
Cell phone; + 416-836-9920

Or will you go to Nepean?

Simon Schouten Interview

Skate Podium put up an interview with Simon Schouten.

Reactions- Netherland’s Roy Boeve Successful Challenge

Netherland’s Roy Boeve successful challenge the Dutch Skating Federation for a spot on the national team- the case went to court and the judge sided on Boeve’s side.

You can listen to a few reactions thanks to skate podium;

Roy Boeve’s reaciton (audio)
Harry Oosterhof’s reaciton (audio)

Hoogeveen World On Wheels- Results, Video, & Pictures

The Hoogeveen World On Wheels competition took place this week.

You can use the following links for results; Men, Women, and Beloften.

Skate Podium put up a video report of the men’s race. The video provides excellent race footage.

Harm de Boer Fotografie has photos of the racing action; check out Beloften pictures, Women’s pictures, and Men’s pictures.

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Jeremy Wotherspoon: Back On Top

Check out this video from TSN featuring Jeremy Wotherspoon; Back on Top

Mediterranean Games- FIRS’ Promotion Of Roller Sports

FIRS’s president Sabatino Aracu announced that important step have been made in the name of promotion of roller sports. Roller Sports will be part of the 2009 Mediterranean Games in Pescara.

Roller Sports will participate, for the first time, at the Mediterranean Games of Pescara 2009 with roller speed skating. Due to the importance of the event, it will represent a basic show for the promotion of our marvellous sport, not only within the Olympic Project, but for our future opportunities with media and spectators.

Callaway Marathon Pictures

Thanks to Road Skater.net, I can share this photo albums from the Callaway Marathon.