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RSC Canadian Championships- Day 3 Pictures

Click here for my pictures from day 3 (yesterday) from the Roller Sports Canada’s Canadian Speed Championships.

Alex and the ceremonial turkey- the turket tried to kill me when Alex and I went to get it in the trailer. Alex yelled, the turkey flew, and I ran and dove out of the trailer.

Freshmen boys- Tejan Chinakonda

Freshmen girls

Paisley Perrie leads Bailin Xie

Chelsea Parry leading Leah Kaluta

Benoit Letourneau 🙂

Frenshman boys’ podium

Freshman girls’ podium


Senior men’s distance podium

Senior women’s distance podium

Junior men

Jesse Pauley doing his Mister Pauley impersonation

CRISC’s awesome relay team!

Morgane Echardour

Candy Wong

Travis Shaw and Jade Pauley

Morgane Echardour, Martine Charbonneau, and Chelsea Parry

Sarah Hopkins, Shannon Hegarty, and Candy Wong

That’s me 🙂

Alex D’mello

Travis Shaw, Jade Pauley, and Jesse Pauley

Women’s relay

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