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Canada Day Marathon- Results & Pictures

The Canada Day Marathon took place earlier today in Cambridge under beautiful sunny skies. Despite some windy conditions, a few of skaters set personal best times. After the marathon was finished, we all enjoyed each other’s company while eating free hot dogs. A few skaters came from the USA to support the event- thanks!

Click here for all my pictures– thanks to Chelsea Parry who took many of the pictures from the official’s truck- and thanks a lot to all the volunteers and organizers who pulled off the event-

Overall Men
1- Peter Doucet- 1:07:40
2- Sergio Almeralla
3- Allain Legacy
4- Alex D’mello
5- Jesse Pauley

Overall Women
1- Martine Charbonneau
2- Sarah Hopkins
3- Morgane Echardour
4- Dominique Lalonde
5- Candy Wong

Jim Mallard put a lot of hours in ensuring the Canada Day Marathon went off without a hitch

Brett Leavens

Catherine Methot, Annick Forgues, and Kim Brennan

Eric Gee and Ed Leung enjoying hot dogs

Friends from the USA- Tom LeBeau and Tim Doherty

Georg Nikodym and Candy Wong finishing

Herb Gayle, Eric Gee, and Brett Leavens coming through the finish

Sarah Hopkins and Morgane Echardour coming in 2nd and 3rd

David Rudniski, who was competing in France’s Le Mans 24 Hours, coming through for his last lap

Sergio Almeralla leads the group sprint for 2nd place

Mid-race Paisley Perrie and Mike Lin following Sjoerd Witteveen

Benoit Letourneau leads the way

Alex D’mello pulling hard on one of the downhills

Alain Legacy with Stephan Tremblay on the outside

That’s me leading with Dennis Humphrey, Jesse Pauley, Alex D’mello, Morgane Williams following

I’m leading hard while the group keeps pace

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