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RSC Canadian Championships- Day 1 Pictures

Click here for my pictures from day 1 of Roller Sports Canada’s Canadian Speed Championships-

That’s all for this evening- gotta get up at 5:30am for the Canada Day Marathon.

I should be posted day 2 and day 3 pictures over the next couple of days and getting back to regular news.

This is what happens during rain delays; wheelbarrow races- Andrew Hegarty and Travis Shaw pulling Jesse Pauley- they won

Alex D’mello

Morgane Echardour catching up on some zzz’s

Wayne Burrett cleaning/ drying the track

Start of the senior men’s 10km points/ elimination race

That’s me in the lead in the senior men’s 10km points/ elimination as Jesse Pauley tries to edge out Alex D’mello for points

Sarah Hopkins and Morgane Echardour during the senior women’s 10km points/ elimination

Martine Charbonneau leading the way in the senior women’s 10km points/ elimination

Morgane Echardour, Sarah Hopkins, and Martine Charbonneau in the 10km points/ elimination

Brett Leavens leads Jade Pauley and Philippe Bergeron in the junior men’s racing

Freshmen girls; they set national record times in each of their 4 distances

Freshmen girls- Ericka Melin leads Bailin Xie and Paisley Perrie

Junior men about to take off

Senior women at the line

Leah Kaluta leads Martine Charbonneau, Morgane Echardour, Sarah Hopkins, Chelsea Parry, Dominique Lalonde, and Shannon Hegarty

Lap counter with legs

1000-meter final #1; I just managed to edge out Fabio Pinzon- too bad we only skated 800-meters. The race was re-skated and Fabio took the win

Andrew McCallum in front of Sergio Almeralla and Mike Garvin


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