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Trillium 10k- Report, Photos, & Results

The Trillium 10k took place earlier today under sunny skies in Mount Forest, Ontario.

About 30-skaters took to the start line. We left the rough roads of Mount Forest through the down-town and onto the smooth coutry-side roads.

Morgan Williams took the early lead in the race. Jesse Pauley, Jade Pauley, and Morgan Williams were in a small break early on in the race, but Scott Pauley, Leonardo Frusteri, and I caught the early break when about 2km’s into the race, Jesse Pauley took a wrong turn. The pack was ‘calm’ at the time, and Jesse was able to re-join the lead group. Soon after, I launched a small attack while Leonardo Frusteri was leading. Frusteri chased into the headwind, but my lead opened up into a sizeable one.

I kept a high pace, mantaining the best technique that I could- landing on an outside edge, double pushing, keeping my knees and weight forward, and driving my knees forward during the recovery phase.

I made it to the turnaround point well into the lead and I made my way back to town with a nice tailwind, being encouraged by the cheers of the skaters and runners as we crossed paths going in the opposite direction.

Once I arrived in town, the roadmarshal on the bike didn’t tell me where to turn, so I ended up zooming past the turn at full speed. I had to turn back around and get back on course. Just as I made it back onto the course, Jesse Pauley was bearing down on me.

With 1km to go and a in 30-meter lead, it was very difficult for me to get back up to speed on the very rough roads. I looked back and saw Jesse chasing me, hunting me down, but I was able to fend him off for the win.

Morgan Williams beat out Herb Gayle and Jade Pauley for 3rd.

Sarah Hopkins was the top female finisher, skating a good part of the race on her own.

Click here for the results.

You can find all my photos here.

1- Peter Doucet (large and in charge)
2- Jesse Pauley
3- Morgan Williams
4- Herb Gayle
5- Jesse Pauley
6- Scott Pauley
7- Travis Shaw
8- Leonardo Frusteri
9- Sarah Hopkins
10- George Nikodym

The group before the race

Herb Gayle- ready to race

Post-race food-yum!

More post-race food-yum!

Team Florida in Mount Forest eating licorice from the chocolate fountain

Left to right- Jesse Pauley, Herb Gayle, Melissa Maas, George Nikodym, me, and Jesse Pauley

Jesse Pauley won a hair-cup in a draw- he needs it too…

Leonardo Frusteri won a bag in a draw

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