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Pibrac Roller Skating Website

Check out the Pibrac Roller Skating site.

Joey Mantia and Aurélien Roumagnac- photo from Pibrac Roller Skating

Quebec Cup- May 25th

The Quebec Cup #1 will take place on May 25th in Montreal. Elite junior, senior, and master skaters will race a 300-meter time trial, a 1000-meter race, and a 10km points race. Make sure you register early to save some $ on the entry fees. The races take place on a very smooth 400-meter track. You can find a bunch of information here.

Gross Gerau Reports

Here are a few reports from this weekend’s Gross Gerau race in Germany;
Team Rollerblade report
Report/ discussion in Bont Forum
Patin Carrera 500-meter report
Patin Carrera day-1 report
A few results from Roller En Ligne
Zepto Skate Team report #1
Zepto Skate Team report #2

Photo by Jörg Dietrich and published on Zepto Skate Team