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Domburg Women & Men’s Videos

These two video reports have some reall good footage from last weekend’s Domberg World On Wheels race- see the women’s race and the men’s race. Enjoy~

Ruud Aerts And Brooke Lochland Interviews

Skate Podium has a couple of interviews- one featuring Ruud Aerts and another featuring Brooke Lochland. If you can’t understand what they’re talking about in the Aerts interview, there’s still some skating in the videos.

Ingmar Berga And Valentina Belloni

Ingmar Berga and Valentina Belloni are to be wed on September 20th- read an insightful article here; Podiumkoppels Ingmar en Valentina. It may be a good idea to use Babel Fish for this one.

Ingmar Berga And Valentina Belloni- photo from Skate Podium

Desly Hill Training Part 3

Check out Training With Desly Hill Part 3. You may wish to run the article through Babel Fish.

Wednesday Night Racing In Switzerland

Check out Swiss News for results, reporting, and photos from the first of 10 Mittwoch-Cup races that take place on Wednesday nights in Weinfelden, Switzerland.

Racing in Weinfelden- photo from Niki Neck

Men’s Racing In Zug: Top-20

Here is what Bill Begg wrote along with some description of the men’s race in World Cup Topics for 2008 about the top-20 finishers at last weekend’s Zug WIC/ SIC;

1/ Joey Mantia, Lugino Answer – truely is the World superstar, walked the finish & led his new team to a great victory.

2/ Luca Saggioratto, Rollerblade MPC – big Sagg handled all, but the Superstar, no doubt will dothe business for Rollerblade MPC.

3/ 6 times winner max ( Houdini ) Presti, Lugino Answer – well with Joey missing & not all races a bunch sprint, plus no committements for Worlds, who is to say that it will not be MAX number 7 WIC

4/ Andres Munoz, Matter World Inline Center -This guy is very fast & very Strong, but when Isolated from his team, must ensure he is not dragging a chain for a free ride, when his teamates are up the road.

5/ Francesco Zangarini, Rollerblade MPC – the Dancing man, knows how to cover & follow Saggioratto & thats what he is there for.

6/Diego Rosero, Rollerblade MPC – The experienced Diego showed his hand, perhaps he is destined to try & be a breakaway king, this year along with Iten as they have Sagg for the fast stuff.

7/ Claudio Naselli, Lugino Answer – Twoyears ago at the road Euroeans in the road 200 T/T, his last 100 was right on Dugento & ahead of everyone else, he is very fast & being given a good lead out & in the group chain, always a danger.

8/ Yann Guyader, Powerslide Alessi, the young Napolean was in the front at about 400 meters , in fact too far out even for him, I am sure the plan was not to end up swamped by Lugino Answer & Rollerblade MPC.

9/ Harry Vogel, Lugino Answer- Nice comeback to the big time Harry, who had cut short his promising Inline Career, but a nice ride in a strong team had him right up there, a top ten in this company,is almost the equivilent of a World Podium.

10/ Antonio Ruales, BONT IDRD Colombia Positiva – first WIC race a top 10, an excellent result,one of the many young South American Tigers, hunting scalps in the WIC.

11/ Riccardo Bugari, Lugino Answer – Yes all 5 of the team in the top 11, I raced his dad at the 1975 Worlds,dragged him out of the Koen Rucus at European Junior Marathon, great that his mum & dad werepresent to see a dream Debut in the WIC Born in 1991 he was the youngest finisher in the top 50.

12/ Carlos Puerto, BONT IDRD Bogata Positivo, like Teamate Ruales another 17 or 18 year old Tiger, hunting for a top finish.

13/ Matteo Amabili, Powerslide Alessi World – an experienced competitor without the big sprint, is always there abouts in the Mix.

14/ Wayne Begg, World Inline Center Spirotiger – another consistant performance, always found in the top 30, pity teamate Luca Presti, was not around to come off, as he had tried a final 3 km getaway.

15/ Peter Micheal, Matter World Inline Center-left a man short in there committed team run, come to an end short of theline.

16/Kalon Dobbin, Matter World Inline Center – Left facing the breeze far to early, a true World Top rung sprinter 100 meters fromhome should be his windburn territory, not 300 out.

17/= Two Venezuela skaters from BONT Bacata team, Alexander Bastidas & Carlos Salazar, a top 20 in the competion in Zug, would normally relate to a top10 in other times.

19/Ben Alchin, World Inline Center Spirotiger, good to see Ben has recovered from a serious Ankle operation & this tough uncompromising skater back racing.

20/ Kepa Caballero, Powerslide Alessi Euro Team, he is usually always in he top 20 mix, when he competes, butunfortunately neverusually gets the opportunity for a full season‘.

Zug WIC/ SIC Report From Orana

Orana Dynamics has a report on last weekend’s Zug World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup race.

Start of the men’s race- photo from Orana Dynamics