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Zug- Pictures, Gossip, & Video

Have fun reading through this thread; World Inline Cup Baena & Mantia wins in Zugersee. There are new pictures, a lot of conversation about the women’s finish, and a video by Niki Neck. I highly recommend that you check out the video, especially the last 500-meters of the pro men as the fllllllyyyyy towards the finish. You’ll also get to see Joey Mantia with his hands up at the finish line… and he keeps them up… and up… and in the women’s finish; Cecilia Baena putting her hands up…and down and up again.

Men’s finish

The advantages of NOT being first‘- caption from colopatinador

Women’s podium- photo from Niki Neck

USA Residency Requirements

Here is a thread that has gotten a lot of action since it was first started this morning; Residency requirements– you’ll get a lot of background information on the USA World Team and its residency before the World Championships.

Skating Against Violence

You may wish to read Mike Garvin’s report & thoughts on the Skate Against Violence, which involves skating from San Fransisco to Los Angeles.

Nimes FIC Men’s Video

Click here to check out the French Inline Cup Nimes mens video.

Grand Prix de Chambéry Results

Roller En Ligne shared some results from the Grand Prix de Chambéry.

Ohno & USA Men’s Short Track USOC March Athletes Of The Month

The United States Olympic Committee named Apolo Ohno and the USA Men’s short track team its March Athletes Of The Month. Read more on Ohno Zone.

Spain’s National League

Mundo Patin has a report with results from this past weekend’s Spanish National League race. You can also check out the following photo albums; Liga Nacional en Pamplona, Liga Nacional en Vitoria, and Liga Nacional en Vitoria (2).

Pamplona- photo from Mundo Patin

Vitoria- photo from Mundo Patin