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Begg Zug Commentary In World Cup Topics For 2008

Read through today’s comments in World Cup Topics for 2008 and you’ll be able to gain some perspective/ thoughts on the 3 point system used by Bont and it success thus far and some of Bill Begg’s thoughts on the women’s race & the international representation in Zug.

Domberg WOW Pictures

You can view a few select pictures from the Domberg WOW. But if you’re looking for the meat of the pictures, check Harm de Boer Fotografie‘s pictures out;
Women’s race
Men’s A race

Erna Kijk leading the way in the women’s race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Ted Ooijevaar leads the men’s race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Domberg WOW Videos

Skate Podium has four videos from yesterday’s Domberg WOW;
Men’s finish (check out the fall after the finish line)
Women’s finish
Beloften finish & interview
Veteran men’s finish

Sablé Sur Sarthe Photos

Click here to view some photos from Sablé Sur Sarthe in France.

Photo from Passion Photographie Sportive