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Big Boned

Here’s an interesting one from Road Rash Chronicles– it’s called The high road…. Cor says ‘…Big boned!  The nerve

Roller En Ligne’s Nimes French Inline Cup Report

Roller En Ligne published a report on the Nimes French Inline Cup. There are a number of videos at the bottom that you may be interested in.

Nimes French Inline Cup- photo from Roller En Ligne

Nimes French Inline Cup Interviews

Here are a few interviews from the Nimes French Inline Cup– beware; they’re en Francais!
Franck Schuffenecker & his home-made frames featuring 3 80mm wheels & 2 110mm wheels
Richard Deniaud interview
Mathieu Boher interview (winner of the marathon)

6 Hours D’Ile De France Results

Roller En Ligne dug up and linked to the results from the 6 heures d’Ile de France- click here to browse through the results.

Preview: Cado Motus Pro108 Skate Boot

Check out this really great article 🙂 – Preview: Cado Motus Pro108 Skate Boot.

More Wilhelmshaven Pictures

Thanks to Training & News, we can find pictures from Wilhelmshaven; see Nog Wilhelmshaven foto’s for more. You can access the album directly here.

Admonition From German Federation

This is an interesting entry from Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog; check out Powerslide Phuzion Skaters Recieve Admonition from the German Federation. He explains ‘ German Speedskating Federation funds it’s national skaters in order for them to attend world champs or European champs. The federation receives money through a few different sources, but one of them is the licensing of races. Races that do not want a license or do not receive a license (eg. because the course is not safe enough for skaters!) don’t pay the German Federation. All skaters with a specific function within a federation (ie. referees, state federation leaders and members of the national team) are not allowed to start at non-licensed races‘.