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Wilhelmshaven Skate Days Results & Report

The Wilhelmshaven Skate Days results can be found here– Subaru X Tech, which includes Aaron Arndt, finished 3rd in the 10km time trial, clocking a time of about 12 minutes 19 seconds. The top team was Powerslide Phuzion International with a time of 11 minutes 51 seconds. The women’s fastest team was Powerslide Phuzion International ladies, coming in 14 minutes 33 seconds. Here are the GBC results by category.

Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog put up a report on the race; Wilhelmshaven Part 1. He wrote ‘…to all Canadians: I saw Aaron. He was wearing brand new jeans (and he forgot to take the tags and plastic marking off them). Subaru X-Tech placed third or fourth behind Powerslide Phuzion (1st) and ORANA/Luiginio Race Team (2nd)…

good night and good fight‘.

Rollerblade: MPC World Team & France

Check out two of Rollerblade’s teams; MPC World Team & France.

Rollerblade MPC World Team

Colombia- IV Valida Nacional Interclubes Report

Patin Carrera has a report with results from the IV Valida Nacional Interclubes that took place in Bogota, Colombia.

You can also view a day 1 report and a day 2 report from Federacion Colombiana de Patinaje.

Photo from Federacion Colombiana de Patinaje

Bellusco’s Mixed Photos

Pattinaggio Bellusco has a set of mixed skating photos from March & April.

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Scrimping & Saving To Compete

In Aussies in Worlc Cup?, bigwesternstar wrote about paying for costs of competition on the WIC. He noted ‘I can only speak for myself, but the World Cup doesnt pay enough money to go to Europe for 6 months and throw away everything you have to ‘live the dream’.

Ive done it for years, scrimping and saving, hoping that I could make it there. After 3 years on the World Cup, it just becomes too hard to keep paying off your house and still keep a job when you get home. Unless you are making big dollars, which not many people are, you are stuck with living with parents or at least borrowing money from them to pay your way.

So, for me, Im out this year. Probably wont be back…unfortunately. It truly is the greatest thing in our sport. However the people running the World Cup are not pushing it for the skaters, they are trying to make money for themselves and not worrying about the skaters. How else do you explain no TV coverage yet???‘.

Ottawa Nortel Tour: May 5th

Thanks to Road Rash Chronicles, we are now aware of the Nortel Tour– it’s not a race; the writers at Road Rash Chronicles say ‘A bike, walk and inline event that circles around its main site in the West end of Ottawa. There is traditionally only one event open to inline skaters but this year, with permission, we have been given the okay to participate in the 35K road tour as well‘. Read more in Another Ottawa Inline Event – Lets do it!!.

Doping Controls In WIC

The World Cup Topics for 2008 discussion has shifted to testing. In response to a query about wether or not there will be testing on this year’s WIC circuit, Bill Begg wrote ‘Well it seems the hemocrit levels seem to be tested more so in Colombia & Italy than anywhere, at least Colombia put a temory sanction on there skaters, be it the high number of 17 in all.

But for sure in Europe in Mass, they will attract a visit or two for out of competition testing, knowing a bit about Colombian politics, possibly instigated through some of there own high ranking officials.

Unnanounced & no time to take a liter out & pump some water in apparently, is the only suprise way to catch this one.

When Marc Christen & Christoph Luginbuhl came to Australia to train with the Bont team, Sara & Inze Bont had a knock on the door of there house & it was the flying squad, so the Swiss are not beyound checking there own in a foreign country, so I am sure they will be active on there own turf.

A lot of the WIC marathons are tested, Berlin especially always 1, 2 & 3. THe Duluth Marathon was the dodgy one, as it was well known, it was never tested in previous years, I thought the temtation was there & even today still have a haunting suspicion, that this knowledge was once taken advantage off‘.