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Inline Planet Skate Tip- Skating Down Hills

Check out the latest of the Inline Planet‘s skate tips; Skating Downhill Part 2.

Tampa Classic Senior Men 100-Lap Video

Click here to check out the latest video to surface from the Tampa Classic Invitational. You can access the file directly here. Make sure you listen for the crowd’s reaction when Kalon Dobbin is disqualified.

Kalon Dobbin (2nd) reacts after being disqualified

Rockets Target Rain

I hate racing in the rain. I find it frustraing runing a set of awesome bearings. I also don’t enjoy the new smell that my skates develop after a rain race.

The days of rain wheels, rain bearings, & drying out your boots could be numbered thanks to this clever idea that I would have never thought of; Operation Beijing storm: rockets target rain.

If race organizers could organize one of these systems to support each race, skaters will probably be more than happy. I wonder though by how much entry fees would go up?

Staff members from Beijing’s weather modification practice base stand next to a two-pipe canon used for rain reduction and cloud dispersion during a media presentation in Beijing, July 19, 2007. China is preparing an arsenal of rockets and aircraft to protect the Olympics opening ceremony from rain, hoping to disperse clouds before they can drench dignitaries at the roofless ‘bird’s nest’ stadium (Reinhard Krause/Reuters)

I’m no scientist. This is what I found about silver iodide here.

‘Silver iodide (AgI) is a chemical compound used in photography and as an antiseptic in medicine. Silver iodide is highly insoluble in water and has a crystalline structure similar to that of ice, allowing it to induce freezing (heterogeneous nucleation) in cloud seeding for the purpose of rainmaking.

The crystalline structure adopted by silver iodide changes with temperature. The following phases are known:[1]

  • Up to 420K (147 °C), AgI exists in the β-phase, which has a wurtzite structure.
  • Above 420K (147 °C), AgI undergoes a transition to the α-phase, which has a body-centered cubic structure and has the silver ions distributed randomly between 2-, 3-, and 4-coordinate sites.
  • A metastable γ-phase also exists below 420K, which has a zinc blende structure.

In the television series The Batman, Poison Ivy used Silver Iodide to create rain, so that she could populate Gotham City with her new breed of plants, that assisted her in taking over the city‘.


Here are a few links that I am adding to my links section; Subaru X Tech, Speedlager.de, and Raps.

Speedlager Berlin Half Marathon Report

Speedlager.de has a report on the Berlin Half Marathon.

Start of the Berlin Half Marathon- photo posted on Speedlager.de

ASSB- Banked Track Sprints & Pre Wilhelmshaven

Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog has an entry called Banked Track Sprints, Pre Wilhelmshaven Post.

Wilhelmshaven is a 10km team time trial- this will be Aaron Anrdt’s first race of his 2008 European season. You can see the starting list here.

Get Excited About The World Inline Cup

One of the recent posts by Bill Begg in World Cup Topics for 2008 talks about a whole whack of skaters and when they’re arriving in Switzerland to compete in the first World Inline Cup race of 2008. He says ‘…On Saturday a contingent of High flying Kiwi Skaters arrive, Nicole Begg, Kalon Dobbin, Peter Micheal & DJ Nation.

On Sunday Tamara Llorens, then Monday Cecilia Baena & Alexandra Vivas, yes its finally happened Cecilia after very limited appearances over the last 4 years, will front the starter for a full season of WIC racing & if fully recovered,will start as one of the most favoured contendors.

On Thursday the 17th, the Bont Bogota IDRD Positivo team & Bont Bacata teams will arrive, both have a full compliment of men & women.

Plus there will be 4 other individual liscence skaters, from South America,the well performed & Pan American Medalist Jorge Bolanos from Eucudor, Melisa Munoz Colombia & Miguel Ervita Venezuela.

What a terrific season of racing we are in for…‘.