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World On Wheels

Click here for an article on the upcoming World On Wheels- I translated a part of the article for you from Dutch to English; ‘The World on Wheels competition will exist this year from 18 games spread concerning the Netherlands. Previous year was Sjoerd house man clearly in the World the on strongest Wheels competition and after a good winter he goes this year if the favourite for the final of start‘.

RRC’s Merida – Early Week One

Road Rash Chronicles put up a new article on their Mexico trip; see Merida – Early Week One. They wrote ‘Jump to the night skate. The Yucatan team arrived and after our initial stretching torture, we all laced up in our two unique groups and hit the track. It was quite obvious at first that there were egos on the line that first night. We didn’t know these kids (age range 7 – 16) and they most certainly didn’t know us. Attempts at being friendly were pushed aside at first. Before the Yucatan team were going to get all lovey dovey they had to access our skills and make sure that we were not a threat…‘.

‘Working out the kinks.  Stretching 101’- photo from Road Rash Chronicles

Team News- Jaap.nl & Skatemill-Powerslide

Skate Podium has a couple of articles (in Dutch) about the following teams; Jaap.nl & Skatemill-Powerslide.

NROC Standings Updated

The NROC Standings have been updated with the results from the Texas Road Rash Inline Marathon.

Roller Girl Nicole Begg

Roller Girl Nicole Begg is the site for quite a few recent updates that I haven’t yet linked up. These include;
Learn to Skate
TV One News
Speaking Engagements and Appearances
Articles from The New Zealand Herald
Waituna Creek School
TV One News (again)
Why Nicole Stripped for Action

At Waituna Creek School- photo from Roller Girl Nicole Begg

EGC On Boot Repairs

You can find a new article on EGC Skates called On boot repairs. Eric Gee writes ‘The one place where I had some difficulty was in attaching the new tongues. My sewing machine wouldn’t fit in that tight space, so I had to sew the tongue’s on by hand. This was quite an ordeal, taking nearly an hour to complete the stitching‘.


Berlin Half Marathon Report

Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog has a report from the Berlin Half Marathon. About his race, Andrew writes ‘It’s kind of like playing a tennis match as an underdog, and your opponent ist having a really bad day, but all you can do is make unforced errors‘.