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Thank You CAN Fund

I would like to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund for their incredible and appreciated support. The fund, which ‘is a not-for-profit organization devoted solely to raising funds and awareness for Canada’s athletes‘, awarded me a grant to assist me with travel, competing & entries, equipment, nutrition & medical help, and training.

Best of all, check out CAN Fund‘s header- they selected pretty neat/ good looking/ very nice/ funny/ cool guy in a TISC costume eh (orange and blue with the white helmet on the left).

If you’re looking for a good cause to support- in addition to Canadian skating, SSW, & other charities- please consider supporting CAN Fund.

Penguins Can Fly

I just think this is really cool; Penguins– see the video below- if you were waiting for penguins to fly as a sign to donate $ to SSW, well watch this video 🙂

Zen 10 Follow-up- Jennifer Rodriguez

Check out Andrew Love’s Zen 10 Follow-up, Jennifer Rodriguez. This Zen 10 is good and it is comprehensive- make sure you read it.

And once again, Andrew Love and Jessica are expecting their first child- see HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! for more. Exciting news, isn’t it??

Training & News’ Fastest Man On The Track

Training & News has a few of recent entries that you may enjoy reading (or looking at in case you can’t decode the language)- see FMOT, Fastest man on the track, and Stage dag 1 & 2.

Renard 507 Boots

Roller En Ligne has published a review of the Renard 507 (this is where Peter drools) boots. I know someone who really wants pink Renard boots.

Chile Selection Report

A few days ago, Patin Carrera published a report on the most recent of Chile’s National Selection competition.

Christopher Verdugo- photo posted on Patin Carrera and by Carlos Batias

Tampa Classic Invitational Pictures

Check out these pictures from the Tampa Classic Invitational.