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  • March 2008
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The Future Of The USA Team

Here’s a thread that a lot of you probably have your thoughts about; the future of the usa team. Shanbo says ‘As far as the rest of it, some of us have been saying for years that USARS needs to pay attention to the future and not solely focus on two skaters to bring in medals. Medal count at worlds by the way has many variables to it. You cannot just say its because we don’t have enough stars. The whole system is in need of checking. We don’t have all the answers, actually nobody does. I just know from experience that things are not as cut and dry as they seem‘.

David Elsewhere Can Move

The following are non-skating videos- David Elsewhere; I wish I could skate like he moves. Very cool stuff.
Dave Elsewhere – Kollaboration All Stars 2005
David Elsewhere
David Elsewhere – Detours Clip

Scooter’s Practice Tonight Is A Go

Tonight’s Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club practice will is on. Doors open at 7:30pm and the practice will begin at 8:00pm.

Yesterday, Scooter’s ISC members were locked out of the rink at 8am. We ended up at Tim Horton’s chatting, hanging out, and watching the wind blowing the flags as a non-invitation to skate outside.

SSW 9 Years Old

That’s right, as of today, Speed Skate World (previously known as Peter’s Inline Racing Web Page) is 9 years old. Who would have thought that this website would become probably the internet’s all-time most popular & influencial website?!!

Pattinaggio Bellusco Trofeo Primavera Photos

Pattinaggio Bellusco has photos from the Trofeo Primavera. Use the following links to access the albums; A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

Trofeo Primavera- photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Trofeo Primavera- photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Trofeo Primavera- photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Trofeo Primavera- photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Tampa Classic Invitational Report

Click here for Luigino Racing‘s report from the Tampa Classic Invitational.

Tampa Classic indoor- photo posted on Luigino Racing

Powerslide Phuzion Team Camp

Click here to find some pictures from the Powerslide Phuzion team camp.

Morning of the fourth day the weather was still bad so the team had to do another indoor session, where they did some tactical exercises. In the afternoon they made another sprint training on the track in nantes. After the training in the evening the powerslide girls started their journey back to home‘- photo and caption from Powerslide News